Louder Whisper Coded sounds in connecting 'Spokes'

Curated by Meena Vari

¶ diFuSed beats

diF (Ish S + Konrad Bayer) in conversation with Meena Vari.

M. You have done quite a few projects in which you have used Sound as the main medium, could you tell us where did it all begin and share with us your journey so far..

diF: I believe that sound is an immersive medium to start with and it creates and re-creates itself within the listener in the passing. For this reason Sound is formless till it meets the Subjective listener and hence creates time and space for the listener. In our compositions we are playing with this principal in general. diF's piece for this exhibition comprises of 4 different compositions and these sound works are striking a fine balance between 'experimental music' and 'Sound art'. We are trying to move towards compositional technique where sound is picked up, sampled and processed to create a stronger objective metaphor along with the subjective experience of the same. The subjective experience will always be unavoidable with sound because there are no frames here for the picture. Inversely, we are intentionally putting frames for some of our works - like using car horns in the last part of the piece which is called 'Blue Hour' to create a saxophone like sound to portray the urban-utopia of acquiring an car. I feel that in these compositions the important factor is also - what sounds are Juxtaposed with each other. Like in Blue Hour the sounds of car horns are juxtaposed with a fine piano part and highs which are going in and out of equilibrium of the rhythm to portray the imbalance of the utopian-experience of a new car in traffic Jams, which actually is the reality here in urban India. We have used objective sounds are used to evoke subjective experience and they can also be seen as interplay of opposites. Across other compositions in this piece various other approaches have been applied which are dealing with concepts of Industrialization, urban Experience, Solitude and Observing to name a few.