Louder Whisper Coded sounds in connecting 'Spokes'

Curated by Meena Vari

¶ It Is A Beautiful World "Outside"

Indu Antony in conversation with Meena Vari.

M. You have an interesting journey, first you are physician who has given practice even before you started it and claim to be a storyteller tell us more about yourself.

Indu: Growing up in a conservative community I never knew of anybody having the profession of an artist. I grew up to be a doctor, as the family needed one. But soon realised that there was a void which was growing deeper. I went back into my childhood to find out that all my classroom notes had everything subject illustrated out. I would do miserably bad during my viva voce and excel at my practicals. Soon I realised it was only visuals that I could use to communicate. And then it was not about me. There are innumerable people out there who have stories to tell and didn't know of any means to do so. I decided to give them a voice with visuals. My parents still refuse to believe I am a photographer, they still say I am a famous doctor in Bangalore!

M. As a photographer you have been working with this destitute home for more than a year now... tell us more about the engagement with the subject.

Indu: I started my journey with the inmates because I was in a "Me" bubble. I needed to burst it. I soon found myself engulfed with their pain as I was caught in an emotional whirlpool. I took a break as I was soon losing my firm hold on reality. Julie one of the inmates said "Indu, leave this place we have sucked out all the happiness from you”. I had to leave, so I traveled during this time and soon returned stronger. Now I visit the home daily and I am able to help them out in a better way. I document each of their lives. That is when I realized they had a strange sense of reality, which was unparallel by the truth. I began to explore more and hence the walk continues with them. It has helped them and me in a long way. I no longer worry about broken nails and they no longer cry as often. Once blinded by moments around, now they are used to colour my judgements, desires and expectations.