Louder Whisper Coded sounds in connecting 'Spokes'

Curated by Meena Vari

¶ Xini's First Revelation

M. Being an experimental media artist your work has been in the realm of public space and community interaction; even your net based works also invited responses from your audiences. Could you share how do you choose your medium of expressing your ideas and does it have any connection to space and location. 

P. I see my work having these pockets of spaces which are very social and participative and some pockets which are very private and introverted. After actively participating in urban dialogues, public conversations and other processes, I have found myself being very watchful of myself being vocal in a direct way. I have been obsessed more with fictions, fabrications, game-worlds and the make-believe world of children.

It might be a conscious strategy oriented towards cultures of listening. If we hear the same word thrice - but each meaning something else, how do we know the difference? So, as a response I choose to craft fictions each time. To mythicize the spoken as well as the heard and relayed voices.

Space and location? In the way that being in the same room with someone, whether or not you talk, means something. I don't think in articulate and verbal ways about where I am and so how it affects me. I play out and perform the affect like an automaton. In reading and analysis, some context (or discord) might be interpreted.