Louder Whisper Coded sounds in connecting 'Spokes'

Curated by Meena Vari

¶ Notes from Utopia

M  The relationship between data and sound plays a significant role in your works.Could you tell us more about that? Does "Notes from utopia" reflect your journey from music to art-science?

Y: Art Science is a legitimate discipline now (if legitimacy is defined by academic departments, textbooks and journals), but it's practice and form has always confused me. In my pursuit to understand this evolving discipline, I stumbled upon the later works of Glenn Gould.

His work with radio (especially his recording of "idea of the north") is particularly interesting to me, as he turned to ethnography as a form, and used technology as a tool to construct mythologies. As a musician and artist, Gould countered technology's tendency to deny historical truths, thus making his work extremely relevant to the art science context of today. I find drawing upon anthropology can be quite useful to understand the practice of art science. Anthropologists construct narratives using tools borrowed from art (field recordings and video documentaries for example), and yet they carry the additional burden of producing 'authentic data' which, in Gould's case, he manages to transcend quite beautifully.