Louder Whisper

Prayas Abhinav Xini's First Revelation

These two sound-tracks are part of a narrative being attributed to Xini. Xini is a fictitious character. An earlier chronicle of his adventures can be accessed here. these sound recordings are from the time when Xini was eleven years old.

Xini jr. has been going about performing his disasters and accidents. The mood around him is fragile. He has been called to offer an answer; eleven-year-old, there-but-not-there, he stood silent. He says that things around him make sounds. The sounds are subsonic so they can't be heard, but these sounds make him do wrong. People in the room are expectedly apprehensive and he is asked to offer a proof.

He calls a medical equipment manufacturing company and ask them to customize an electronic stethoscope for him. The customization requires them to change the filters and the microphones so that the stethoscope can hear (and record) subsonic frequencies. It becomes a subsonic stethoscope. These are the first few sounds he records with it and in a few days offers as a proof.

Crosstalk # 1: TV and Fridge
When there is no one in the room, the tv and the fridge talk to each other. Xini says that everything in the house conspires for him to stay deluded. He records the vibrations and sounds of a tv-on-mute and the passive fridge. The conversation between the tv and fridge is continuous, regardless of what function they are performing. The conversation reveals the conspiracy, Xini claims. He is still trying to decode.
My Mind Is Not My Own
"What do you think is happening inside me? Is it all silent?," Xini asks. Nobody knows. And then he plays the sounds he recorded from his body. The forehead, the heart, the lungs... "What about my bicycle?" And he plays the sound of his cycle-wheel squeaking. There is no silence. There is no peace. There is only a cacophony to be immersed in.
Xini's First Revelation
Xini's Stethoscope